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by Sarene on Jul 22, 2014 at 09:25 PM}
When not raiding we are a friendly helpful guild, while raiding we are focused on progression and clearing content.

If you are easily offended, have a hard time taking criticism, advice or direction without taking it personally, instead of looking at it as an opportunity to improve, then please do not apply.

No raid spots are guaranteed. If you have not spent the time to figure out how to max your DPS and/or are unable to regularly stay alive during fights we will most likely replace you.

We do not tolerate public drama. If you have issues with anyone please keep it private. If it can't be resolved between the two of you, bring it to a leader or an officer and we will work with both parties privately to resolve it.

The above includes how you treat others outside of the guild. Just because we are better players, are more progressed or have better gear does not give anyone the right to belittle anyone else (even if they are bad).

A working mic and the ability to use TS3 is required for raiding.

While we are progression focused and working on server firsts loot is managed via a council. We work very hard to make unbiased decisions that will benefit the raid the most. We are here to push through content (on a limited schedule) and so must be as efficient as possible with loot distribution.

Once progression is over (we are 5/6 and regularly farming GA) loot will be moved to a DKP system to allow everyone a fair shot at gearing up their characters.



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